This server has some very easy rules. You have things you may do and things you may not do. First of all, the language in this server is English. Speak any other language, and you WILL be muted.

Things you may not do

  1. Swear or spam: Chatting with capslock on is the same as spamming. When doing this you will be muted for a time chosen by the admin or moderator.
  2. Use mods which give you an unfair advantage over other players: Mods like X-Ray and Zombe are forbidden. When we catch you using some kind of cheat plugin you will be banned for live instantly (we will ban your IP AND username so nobody from your home can login). We have several plugins that make sure nobody is able to cheat, and if you're still able we will get notified.
  3. Be an asshole: This rule is straight forward. When you are being irritating against others, or we have a complaint about you, you will be kicked. If being kicked a lot of times but you're still not changing your behavior you will be banned permantly.

Things you may do

  1. Grief: This may seem pretty weird for most of the people, but we have plugins which provide your buildings protections in certain area's. Everything outside those protected area's may be griefed without consequences (although it will not look nice). NOTE: Factions are protected area's if the Faction admin configures his faction correctly.
  2. Steal: This may also seem pretty weird. Interaction with chests and doors from outsiders is disabled in Factions, which prevents stealing. If you can steal in someone else his faction, it's the fault of the faction admin.