Created by chicken_bones

What does it addEdit

NotEnoughItems combines TooManyItems and Recipe book. In single player (and in multiplayer servers where you have acces to the "/give" command, so not in this server), it does the same as TooManyItems. You can search for items and give them to yourself or you can delete them from your inentory. You can also change time, toggle downfall, or change your gamemode.

What NotEnoughItems mainly adds, is the search and recipe feature. When opening your inventory (NOTE: In fullscreen) you will see a search option, typ something in there, and NEI will search for it.

Why did we install did in the server you ask? It's mainly because of the recipe feature. Whenever you hover over an item in your inventory, and press "R" it shows you how to make that specific item. Press "U" and it will show you what to make with it and how.