Created by MontyPylon

What does it addEdit

This mod adds 7 new pistons to Minecraft. The pistons added now are:

  • Double piston and double sticky piston
It's a normal piston, but when powered by redstone, it extends 2 blocks instead of 1
  • Tripple piston and triple sticky piston
Same as double piston, but extends 1 more block
  • Quadrupple piston and quadrupple sticky piston
Same as tripple piston, but extends 1 more block
  • Gravitational piston
Remembered the old pistons from the mod before they were added to Minecraft? They used to launch you into the air, but when they were added to the game they didn't do that anymore. This piston is exactly the same as those from the old mod, they launch you and blocks into the air again.