Here is a list of all the mods currently installed in the server. Click on a mod to see more detailed information about it.

API's (mods needed to make other mods work):Edit

4096 block ID's fix by mDiyo

CodeChickenCore by chicken_bones

GUIApi by ShaRose

ModloaderMP by ScottyDoesKnow (SDK)

Modloader by Risugami

PlayerAPI by Divisor

Other mods:Edit

Backpacks by MightyPork

Balkon's Weapons by BalkondeurAlpha

Hot Air Balloons by CsprBzmr

InvTweaks by jimeowan

Kaevator Superslopes by Kaevator

LCTrees++ by Nightshade121

Mo' Creatures by Dr.Zhark

MoreFurnaces by CubeX2

MorePistons by MontyPylon

Netherrocks by AleXndrTheGr8st

NotEnoughItems by chicken_bones

OptiFine by sp614x

Paintball by lKinx

Rancraft Penguins by immediately

Rei's Minimap by ReiNFSK

Ropes+ by AtomicStryker

SimpleOres by AleXndrTheGr8st