Welcome to the Eudaimonia WikEdit

This is the wikia for the Eudaimonia server. Here we will explain our mods and plugins, our gay sex life, and just the server in general.

Server descriptionEdit

This is a modded survival server. This means you need all the mods installed on the server, also installed client side. You can get the mod package here.

In this server you can protect your own land by making so called "Factions", you can read more info about it in the plugins sections.

We also work with an Economy system, in which you can trade, and create NPC's.

PvP is enabled, and you're allowed to kill anyone, at any time, just make sure you stay friendly against everyone.


Contact and infoEdit

Server IP:

Map webadress:


Twitter: @EudaimoniaRealm

And finally, the donate button to become donator!